What to do in Jamaica

After booking your flights and deciding where to stay, the research can begin on what to do while you are in Jamaica.

Finding things to keep you busy in Jamaica is easy! It is an island of variety.

So, if "what to do in Jamaica" is your question of the day...here are some of my ideas.

First, the thing that just seems like a 'must do' if you go to Jamaica. It's widely talked about, very popular with the tourists, and sometimes packed, but still fun...yes it's Dunn's River Falls.

Dunns River Falls Jamaica

More information on Dunn's River Falls.

Beach in Jamaica


A trip to Jamaica wouldn't be complete without checking out some of the best beaches in the world!

And although narrowing it down to just one "perfect" beach can be a bit tricky...it's a lot of fun checking them out and trying to decide.

The beaches offer something for everyone from theme park style to mineral 'healing' waters to private seclusion.

Help to find your perfect beach

Dolphin Cove Even though the dolphin experiences are popping up all over the Caribbean and Mexico and it's not really unique to Jamaica, the experience is still a lot of fun.

For a chance to get up close and personal with the amazing creatures, Jamaica offers Dolphin Cove.

The dolphin interactions offer everything from touching them to swimming one-on-one.

I did this with my sister and mom and it was truly a memorable experience and loved it!

More information on Dolphin Cove.

Golf...there are some great golfing opportunities in Jamaica. Some with great views of the ocean and some mountainous and rugged. There are some courses perfect for those golfing with their family or the not-so-serious type, and then there are those for the more avid golfers. Whatever type of golfer you are, I am sure you can find a great course.

More Information on Golfing in Jamaica

Glistening Waters is in Falmouth, which is just a few minutes east of Montego Bay and it's a glowing lagoon that will amaze you!

It's a restaurant and marina where you can eat dinner and then take a beautiful night cruise/tour of the "luminous" lagoon.

The eerie glow comes from small micro-organisms that emit a flash of light when disturbed.

Jamaica's luminous lagoon is one of three places in the world where these microscopic organisms live and create this natural phenomenon, known as bioluminescence.

More Information on Glistening Waters

Shaw Park Gardens

Shaw Park Gardens is a lush tropical garden with cascading waterfalls, great views of Ocho Rios, and a beautiful banyan tree.

More Information on Shaw Park Gardens

Horseback Riding in Jamaica

Horseback Riding...fun in the sun, riding through a tropical rain forest, sugar plantation and the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. Have a great time riding these fabulous creatures.

More Information on Horseback Riding


A great resource when you are thinking about traveling to Jamaica is the Frommer's Jamaica guide book.

I have this one and have used it a ton of times myself. It has great, useful information!

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