Weddings in Jamaica

A wedding truly is a magical happening! And a lot of people choose to have their wedding in Jamaica.

Weddings in Jamaica can truly be an experience of a lifetime. You can go big or small, private or social; it's all up to you. And there are a lot of choices in Jamaica from a beach wedding, a resort wedding, a villa wedding and more.

I highly suggest getting a wedding coordinator. They really aren't expensive considering the time and money they can save you in the end. For example I have heard of resorts in Montego Bay Jamaica charging $2000 USD for a band and a wedding coordinator finding a wonderful band for $900 USD.

I have also heard of a bride and groom who found a wedding coordinator that charged $360 USD for the wedding party flowers and a wedding arch. And the resort was going to charge $250 just for the wedding arch.

And aside from money a wedding coordinator can setup everything for you. For example, a couple could decide to get married at the resort and have a private reception at a villa for their guests. While the wedding is happening the wedding coordinator is at the villa setting up the reception and everything will be ready when you arrive.

Plus there really is so much more they can do for you. Things such as the paper work, flowers, wedding cake, band, photographer, videographer, and more.

Requirements for getting married in Jamaica:

* A couple can be married just 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica providing they have applied for and have been granted a marriage license by the Ministry of National Security.

* Couples must submit proof of status (single, divorced, widowed) and establish identification.

* Proof of citizenship - Notarized copy of birth certificate.

* Proof of divorce (if applicable) - Notarized copy or original Certificate of Divorce.

* Notarized copy of Death Certificate in the case of widow/widower.

* Notarized copy of Adoption papers reflecting name change.

* Legal translation of documents to English where originals are in another language.

* No blood test required

Documents received after the ceremony:

* A copy of the Marriage Certificate is given to the bride/groom upon conclusion of the ceremony by the marriage officer.

* Two (2) certified copies of the Marriage Certificate are sent to you within eight (8) weeks following the ceremony.


Wedding Coordinator

Without hesitation I recommend a very nice woman with years of experience named Almarie. She owns and operates Tropical Weddings Jamaica. She is very professional, and trustworthy.

Here is what my sister had to say about her wedding in Jamaica.

Weddings in Jamaica

We hired a wedding coordinator, Thelma. She was awesome. We handled paperwork through Fed Ex, fax and email. She took care of the marriage license, reverend, photographer, flowers, chairs and the arch with the most gorgeous tropical flowers you’ve ever seen. The cost was very reasonable. We got everything from her for only $1500.00. That included all the pictures too. The photographer even took a cab from an hour away to make sure we got our prints and negatives before we left the island. To top it off, they did all this for us on Christmas Eve!!! They brought everything to the Villa and set it up for us, as we got married at the Villa by the private beach. It was so seamless, you would have never guessed we were thousands of miles away from home.

This was the best experience I could have imagined, and it was all so easy. I would recommend this type of destination wedding to anyone.

Good luck with your wedding...

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