Travel in Jamaica

Getting around Jamaica is MUCH easier now that the new roads have been completed.

I remember the first time I traveled to Jamaica in 1999. Oh my...the roads were bad.

I remember people warning us, and yes they were right.

We went from Montego Bay to Negril and it took at least 2 hours (it's been 8 years, so I could be just a few minutes off either way).

Now it takes about 1 hour.

The roads are now great from Montego Bay down to Negril and over to Ocho Rios.

Here are approximate drive times between towns:

Montego Bay - Montego Bay (around town) = 15 minutes
Montego Bay - Discovery Bay = 1 hour
Montego Bay - Runaway Bay = 1 hour 15 minutes
Montego Bay - Ocho Rios = 1.5 hours
Montego Bay - Negril = 1 hour
Kingston - Ocho Rios = 2 hours

Don't forget - Jamaica driving is on the left side of the road. English style.

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