Shaw Park Gardens

Shaw Park Gardens

Stroll through this lush tropical Shaw Park Garden which sprawls across 25 acres on the Ocho Rios Ridge overlooking the town.

Highlights are the spreading banyan tree and the cascading streams running through the garden.

A sparkling waterfall cascades down a rocky course with beautiful plants on all sides.

Lush tropical trees form bowers with flamboyant blossoms every month of the year.

Described as "Jamaica's most celebrated botanical garden," it is overflowing with floral beauty.

Bougainvillea, Oleander, Shower of Gold and Flame of the Forest are just a few of its more outstanding favorites.

A gift shop and bar are also on site.

A few years ago you didn't have to pay to get into Shaw Park Gardens, but I do know they charge now. I am not sure how much.

It seems you have to pay to get into just about everywhere now.

The last time I was there, in May, I think we were the only people walking around the park.

So if you hit it at the right time (no cruise ships in port, and no tour buses at the entrance) it can really be one of Jamaica's best kept secrets.

Shaw Park Gardens

Shaw Park Gardens

Shaw Park Gardens is owned by the Shaw Park Beach Hotel.

The original area was an estate named after the family of Elizabeth, Ann and John Shaw who were owners until 1811. The property was the site for the final battles for Jamaica between the Spanish and the English.

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