Jamaica Restaurants

After a long (hopefully restful) day at the beach, and before an evening of partying, don't forget to eat.

There are a lot of great Jamaica restaurants for just about every appetite.

Everything from open-air jerk shacks to 5-star resort Jamaica restaurants.

A 15 percent consumption tax is added to restaurant and hotel bills at Jamaica restaurants. Also, most places in Jamaica will add a 10-15 percent service charge to your bill. Make sure to watch out for this. For good service, it is customary to leave an additional small tip on top of the already added service charge.

My Top 3 Recommendations...

First, I want to start off with a basic option, but one of my favorite places to go for a cold Red Stripe beer and mouth-watering jerked food.

Scotchies - one of the best places to go for jerk chicken, pork or meat. Just about anyone can tell you where it is, about 10 minutes west of Ocho Rios.

Second, is one is a slightly more expensive restaurant but I love the views and the Jamaican spin on Italian food.

Evita's - is the place to go for its fabulous view of Ocho Rios. The menu is a delicious and intriguing blend of Jamaican and Italian cuisine. The surroundings are soft and quiet. An average entree is around $20-25 USD.

Glistening Waters Montego Bay Jamaica

Glistening Waters - If you are looking to start off your evening in a fun and novel way, you may want to check out Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina just outside Montego Bay for dining, disco, and drinks overlooking the glowing river.

It is a don't miss mainly because of the atmosphere. How can you pass up an opportunity to see rare "glowing water"?

Honorable Mentions...

1. The Ruins in Ocho Rios - built around a waterfall and stream in a semi-outdoor setting is a unique setting to enjoy Chinese and Jamaican cuisine.

2. Cafe Aubergine - in the hills above Ocho Rios, in the town of Moneague is well worth the trip for dinner. This small restaurant serves some of the most interesting and innovative dishes in Jamaica. It's on the higher end of the price scale. Dinner for two with wine about $80 USD.

3. Spring Garden Cafe - Just a short 5 minute ride to the east of Ocho Rios is this excellent restaurant and where the best of local seafood may be had for a reasonable price. The dining area is under roof, or on a patio where you can enjoy the night air. Their menu consists of many different types of seafood and other food. If you like steamed fish, ask for the Extra Large size and be prepared for a HUGE steamed fish placed in front of you done to perfection!

4. The Pelican - one of the favorite places for all-day dining with both locals and visitors. This has been a Montego Bay institution since the '70s.


A great resource when you are thinking about traveling to Jamaica is the Frommer's Jamaica guide book.

I have this one and have used it a ton of times myself. It has great, useful information!

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