Jamaica Travel Insurance

Travel of those things you don't HAVE to buy, but most of the time it can really be worth the peace of mind.

Trust me, I know travel insurance, like all other types of insurance for your house, your car, and so on, only seems important when you actually need to use it. Otherwise it just feels like you are throwing money away, and that can be frustrating!

But, try to think of this as a reassurance. When you have the travel insurance, it can be one less thing you have to worry about.

Isn't it more fun to worry about which sun block to bring, or to decide how many books you can get through in a weeks vacation?

The answer is yes...or at least I think so.

Travel insurance can be fairly inexpensive, especially considering what it covers.

I have been using Insure My Trip for years and their website is really easy to use.

I recently went to their website to get a quote. And for 2 adults traveling to the Caribbean with a total trip cost of $5000, I got quotes back starting at $130.

The insurance covers things such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage loss, baggage delay, and more.

Their website is fast and easy. You answer a few questions and you get an immediate quote.

Insure My Trip Website

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