Glistening Waters Jamaica Restaurant and Marina

Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina...where the water "glows"!

I have never been here, but I just had to write about it because I have always wanted to go. Its been on my list of things to see every time I go to Jamaica and for some reason I just haven't been able to.

But, I have talked to quite a few people who rave about this place and have told me it's very cool. Everyone goes back each time they go to Jamaica.

Glistening Waters is in Falmouth, which is just a few minutes east of Montego Bay and it's a glowing lagoon that will amaze you! It's a restaurant and marina where you can eat dinner and then take a beautiful night cruise/tour of the "luminous" lagoon.

When the water is disturbed, the microscopic organisms in the water glow and create and "eerie", glistening light.

This phenomenon is said to occur in only 3 places worldwide!

This phenomenon is only found in Indonesia, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The tour guides in Jamaica's claim theirs is the brightest.

Here is some information on the "how and why" given by some scientists from the John Hopkins University...

The eerie glow comes from small micro-organisms that emit a flash of light when disturbed. Jamaica's luminous lagoon is one of three places in the world where these microscopic organisms live and create this natural phenomenon, known as bioluminescence.

It's said that out of the three, the luminous lagoon in Jamaica is the brightest in the world; a fact that has and continues to awe scientists and visitors alike.

The research shows the lagoon is the best place to see these microscopic organisms called dinoflagellates or pryodinium bahamene, because of two reasons.

First, there are literally millions of tiny micro-organisms living in the lagoon.

Secondly, the lagoon is formed at the point where the Martha Brae River meets the Caribbean Sea, and the dinoflagellates thrive in the layers where the salt and fresh water combine into brakish waters.

The organisms glow brightest in shallow, warm water, and generally the lagoon is about 3-8 feet, or more, in depth.

Glistening Waters Jamaica Boat Tour

Cost of Boat Tours...

The last time I checked the tours were $20.00 US Dollars and that includes a free rum punch. The tours leave around 7pm every night.

The boats hold up to 30 people.

Don't forget to bring your swimming suit. You are allowed to take a swim during the boat tour and the water will be glowing around your body! What a great picture that would be!

If you aren't into jumping into a lagoon of "micro-organisms" then you might just enjoy sticking your hand in the water and when you pull it out you will see your hand "glowing in the dark". It is also neat to see the fish dart away from the boat creating a flash in the water.

Best time to go...

When it's raining actually. The whole lagoon lights up with each drop of rain hitting the water.

It's also a good time to go when the moon isn't shining too bright.

For more information, take a look at some pictures, or take a peek at the restaurant's menu, visit their website at:Glistening Waters Website

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