Evitas Restaurant

Evita's Restaurant in Jamaica is one of my favorites!

Evita's Restaurant in located in the heart of Ocho Rios overlooking the cruise ship piers.

The menu is called "Jam-Italian fusion dishes" which means they put a Jamaican spin on traditional Italian dishes.

And they do it very well!

The menu includes pasta and fresh seafood including vegetarian dishes. Plus they will cook your dish to order.

I never knew all the different foods that could be "jerked". The last time I was there I had the jerk spaghetti and it was wonderful! Just the right amount of spice for a very unique flavor.

The best place to sit is out on the verandah, closest to the railing, and you will have great views of Ocho Rios.

The entrees, on average, are about $20 US Dollars each. With drinks being $10 or less. The last time I went we spent $94 for 3 people and we each had an "adult beverage".

I highly suggest going during the week when a cruise ship is not in port because the restaurant is a lot less crowded.

Tip: Ask the locals which days the cruise ships come in and plan your activities around that.

Also consider going at dusk so you have time to enjoy the views and then when it gets dark the restaurant is lit up beautifully.

A great way to cap off your evening.


For more information, check out their website: Evita's Restaurant

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