Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Swimming with the dolphins...this is really a very "touristy" thing to do, but it really is very neat.

I would recommend for everyone to do this once. And Dolphin Cove is a great place to do that.

There really aren't a whole lot of occasions to swim with a dolphin, touch a dolphin or kiss a dolphin.

They really are amazing creatures!

To do this in Jamaica, you need to go to Dolphin Cove, in Ocho Rios.

Is is situated near Dunn's River Falls, within walking distance actually.

They have actual swims you can do with the bottle nose dolphins or just encounters.

Dolphin Cove offers 3 different dolphin programs or visit their breathtaking property to see the dolphins at play, and walk their Jungle Trail.

Program 1: Swim With Dolphins PackageThis package brings you in close contact with the dolphins where you experience a one-to-one encounter as you swim and frolic with a group of our friendly dolphins. The main difference between this and the Swim Encounter is the opportunity to get a foot push OR a dorsal pull!

Program 2: Swim Encounter PackageThis is a great intermediate package where you swim in the deep for half an hour with one dolphin after an introduction and briefing from our resident expert trainers.

Program 3: Touch Encounter PackageLandlubbers and children will be thrilled to learn all about the dolphins and have an opportunity to touch and enjoy their company.

Jungle Trail (included in your admission price)

See exciting birds, tropical fish, reptiles and amazing Jamaican plants as you take a gentle nature walk through lush, unspoiled tropical rainforest.

Open Daily from:8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

I would suggest booking a reservation ahead of time. Dolphin Cove only allows a certain amount of people in their facility so they can get full during the busy (winter) months.

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