Doctors Cave Beach

In 1906 Dr. Alexander James McCatty donated his beach property to what is now the Doctors Cave Bathing Club. It is nestled between the Marine Park and the "Hip Strip" in Montego Bay.

Doctors Cave Beach Club got its name because it was used by Dr. McCatty and his doctor friends. They used to enter the tiny beach through a cave. Unfortunately the cave was destroyed in a hurricane in 1932.

Jamaica Beach Doctors Cave Beach

Today the Doctors Cave Beach Club is known for its translucent water, which is known to have mineral content, and the nearly white sand beach.

The water temperature ranges from 78 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit and 22 to 28 Celcius.

This beach club is more than just a great beach. The food court and beach bar at Doctors Cave provide a variety of meals and drinks to satisfy.

Plus the convenient internet cafe can come in handy.

Doctors Cave Beach allows no radios, no footballs, and no vendors. The beach is large, beautiful, secure and well managed. Tiled changing rooms are immaculate and offer inside and outside showers. Water sports are available for reasonable fees and their 20 foot water trampolines are free. The Groovy Grouper Bar & Grill is a short walk across the sand.

Some of their water sport fees:

Glass bottom boat $15 per person
Parasailing $55 for half hour
Snorkeling $5 per person
Jet ski $60 for half hour

Please remember that rates are subject to change.

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