Cheap Jamaica Vacations

Want to save some money and find cheap Jamaica vacations? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Patience and research can really land you some great deals. You too can save money when planning your next vacation.

No matter how you buy your travel, do your homework and you will find a great deal.

The internet is a good place to start. The beauty of the internet is there is an abundance of information and so many options available.

Tips to help you get a cheap Jamaica vacation

1. Sign up for travel e-newsletters

Many airlines, cruise operators, online travel agencies, and travel discount sites have newsletters that they will send you via email. These usually come out weekly and sometimes monthly and include an abundance of deals. They also include some great last-minute travel deals as well.

2. Shop around

Check various travel websites and talk to some travel agents to get some prices. Make sure that you are comparing the correct thing. Some prices include airfare, some packages are all-inclusive, some are for 3 nights, etc.

3. Consider all types of discounts

If you have airline frequent flier miles, it might be a good time to cash those in. Don’t forget they can be used for hotel and cars as well as flights. Do you have a AAA membership, currently active in the military, traveling with a child or a senior? Don’t forget to check on all of those that are applicable to you or someone traveling in your group.

4. Scour the newspaper for travel deals

Even though the internet seems to have taken over the newspaper can still be a great resource for travel deals. The travel section is usually in the weekend edition of the paper.

5. Research different types of accommodations for a large family or group

Some hotels and resorts can easily accommodate large families or groups. Sometimes the hotels may have suites, joined rooms or you can get two rooms. Sometimes staying in a vacation home or villa can be more economical than getting multiple hotel rooms.

Compare resorts and villas.

6. Travel in slow or off-season

Slow/off season will vary depending on where you are traveling, so do your research to find out when this is. In the Caribbean the slow/off season is mid April to mid December. The holidays can be the most expensive time to travel. Traveling in the slow/off season can provide a great deal plus it’s nice to experience a destination when it’s not so over crowded with tourists.

7. Travel during the week

The best time of week to fly is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The prices are usually lower and the flights are less crowded. Plus the price of hotels goes down during the week and is higher on the weekends.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask

The worst someone can say is no. I even have a hard time with this but I have seen many people get amazing deals just by asking. You never know what someone’s situation is. A villa owner may really need to fill space, and hotel may have very low capacity. You just never know, so ask!

9. Book early

Some great deals are out there for booking early. This is sometimes referred to as “early bird discounts”. If you have set dates that won’t change, you may be better of booking as early as a year in advance. This also assures you the dates, hotels and flights you may want or need.

10. Travel last minute

This is the exact opposite of the above booking early. If you have the flexibility to travel last minute this can also be a great way to save money. Last minute is usually not more than 6 weeks before you plan on arriving in your destination. There are great websites out there that cater specifically to last minute travel. Hotels, airlines and villa owners drop prices when they aren’t filling up space.

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