Cell Phones in Jamaica

Cell phones in Jamaica...even though I think a lot of us say our dream vacation would include leaving our cell phones at home, it usually isn't that easy.

Sometimes we just need to keep in contact with the folks back home.

Some cell phones will work in Jamaica, it just depends on the service provider you have.

Jamaica’s cellular system operates on the TDMA network so it is not compatible with CDMA, GSM or 3G networks.

(Yea I know...that is a bunch of techno mumbo jumbo. But you can use this information when you contact your service provider to see if your cell phone will work in Jamaica.)

Cable & Wireless and Digicell are the Jamaican providers and have roaming agreements with most service providers.

Check with your cell phone service provider, before you leave, to see if you will have service in Jamaica.

Make sure to ask your cell phone service provider if there is something that needs to be added (usually a service such as World Class Roaming) to your phone to allow you to make and receive phone calls outside of the United States.

I have T-Mobile and I needed to add this "world class roaming" to my phone to make it work.

Also be sure to check with your cell phone service provider to see how much it will cost for you to make and receive calls.

Usually it will cost you to make calls, receive calls, check voicemail, etc. Even if you don't take the call and your phone rings, you may be charged, so be sure to check.

Between my cell phone service and people I have talked to it seems to cost about $1.50 per minute. Fees typically go up for text messaging as well.

So...to sum it up...yes, most phones will work in Jamaica but make sure to call your service provider to see if there is something you need to add to your service plan to make it work.

Rent a Cell Phone

Renting cell phones in Jamaica is also an option. This is at least an easy way to make sure you have cell phone service.

Phones usually rent for about $5 per day plus the cost of the international calls. Most companies ask for a $225 deposit and then anything that is left over will be refunded.

Just make sure to put the deposit on your credit card and don't use cash. Just to be on the safe side.

Here are two good websites to check out on renting the cell phones.

Cable & Wireless

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