Car Rentals in Jamaica

Hmmm...driving in Jamaica. How do I describe it?

Let's see...have you ever had a car go speeding past you at a high rate of speed?

Have you ever seen cars pass in really tight spaces and once they get safely around you realize that you have been holding your breath?

Have you ever been honked at more than you can count?

Well that is driving in Jamaica. And not to give anyone or any island a bad name when it comes to driving, it's like this in almost every island I have visited. So Jamaica is really not any different.

The key is to be careful, keep your eyes open and all will be good.

Don't forget that in Jamaica they drive English style on the left side of the road.

A safe and fun alternative (rather than renting a car and driving yourself) is to hire a van with a dedicated driver. This is a lot safer than driving yourself, plus with a dedicated driver you get a built-in knowledgeable tour guide.

Car Rentals in Jamaica

Every time I go to Jamaica now, I get a van package. The driver will meet you at the airport and is waiting for you when you arrive. The driver is dedicated to you for your entire trip. They are very useful for recommendations on restaurants or shopping (and more). And they are a great help in letting you know to avoid the crowds. For example, Wednesday might be the day the cruise ship is going to be at port in Ocho Rios, so it wouldn't be a good idea to go shopping because there will be about 2000 people in town all at once!

Plus, the driver is available for usually 10 hours a day. And this can be divided up however you want. So if you would like to go shopping in the morning and then go out on the town in the evening you can. They are very flexible.

Every time I have checked the prices the van packages have been exactly the same or really close in price to a car rental. And you get so much more with the van packages!

And I can't tell you how friendly they are! When you leave you will truly feel like you are leaving a family member behind. Every one of our departures have been sad and with hugs (and yes even a few tears, I am very emotional) going all around!

As of 8/13/08 the prices for the weekly van package is $875 USD. This is a 12-seater van. For more details on pricing and to book a van package, visit Caribbean Villa Hideaways. They can take care of everything for you.

If you are interested in booking a car rental, I would not hesitate to recommend Island Car Rentals. These folks always have great prices, great customer service and have an outstanding reputation in Jamaica.

Car rental companies that serve the Montego Bay airport include:

Hertz Car Rental
Island Car Rentals
Budget International Rentals
Sunbird Car Rentals
Avis Car Rentals

The great thing about having your own car in Jamaica is that you can explore!

To truly appreciate Jamaica you need to get off the main road and get into the center of the Island. Do be keep in mind though that some parts may need a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Above all be safe and have fun! There are so many exciting places to explore and wonderful views to be had!

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