A Personal Travel Guide About Jamaica

Are you planning a trip to Jamaica?

Or are you looking to gain some more insight on the beautiful island?

I am here to give you all the information you will need for your next trip to Jamaica and to help you gain a new appreciation for all the best in which Jamaica is known for.

Side note...if you are the type that would rather jump right into looking at pictures, then feel free to take a look at my pictures of Jamaica.

I'll answer questions such as:

      * When is the best time to go?

* How can I find a good deal?

* Will I need a passport?

* Should I purchase insurance?

* Should I rent a car or van & driver?

* Where is the best place to stay?

* What should I take along?

* Are there fun things to do?

* Where are the great places to eat?

Jamaica Beach Mammee Bay
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I have been in the travel industry, in one way or another, for over 17 years and I know the dos and don’ts of traveling.

Plus I have a love of Jamaica and have made it my most traveled destination.

I would like to share everything I know about the peaceful, beautiful island.

Just a little teaser for you…Jamaica is a warm tropical island with stunning beaches, soulful music, mouth-watering food, and amazing people.

One of my favorite things about staying in Jamaica is the fully staffed villas. This is very unique to Jamaica as there is not another Caribbean island that offers this as a standard. I can’t tell you enough how relaxed and pampered you feel after a vacation in a villa. The hardest part is leaving the new friends you will make because the staff becomes a part of your family!

Another great option is owning your own timeshare in Jamaica. Every year you'll return to your resort suite and will probably see the same neighbors. You can establish lifelong friendships with your Caribbean timeshare resort mates and the staff do become like your extended family, remembering the little things, like your favorite drink, or meal, that makes a big difference in your experience here.

So you see…I hope to help you gain the same appreciation I have for Jamaica and help you come to an understanding how Jamaica has become one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean.    

Jamaica Beach Ocho Rios

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Table of Contents

About Me
About me, the things I have learned about Jamaica and traveling to Jamaica.
Airports in Jamaica
Airports in Jamaica are relatively easy to get in and out of, including easy to get to.
Beaches in Jamaica
Beaches in Jamaica are fabulous...seeing them all is the challenge.
Jamaica Blog
The Jamaica Blog keeps you up-to-date with all the additions and changes to the jamaica-planning-guide.com website.
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
Jamaica blue mountain coffee is some of the finest coffee around.
Car Rentals in Jamaica
Car rentals in Jamaica, everything you need to know.
Cell Phones in Jamaica
Cell phones in Jamaica will usually work. Make sure to check with your service provider.
Contact Me
Contact me, I appreciate your feedback and comments.
Customs and Duty Free
Customs and Duty Free information for Jamaica.
Cheap Jamaica
Cheap Jamaica vacations are possible if take the time to research and find the best deal.
Jamaica Facts and Information
Basic Jamaica facts such as the area code, location, population, and more.
Jamaica Golf Resorts
Jamaica golf resorts are unique in Jamaica.
Jamaica Hotel Deals
Jamaica hotel deals are in abundance as there are a lot to choose from in the beautiful Jamaica.
Insurance is a great thing to purchase before your next trip, to help with unforseen events.
Jamaica Passports
Jamaica Passports - learn what documentation is needed to enter Jamaica.
Pictures of Jamaica
Pictures of Jamaica can tell the story of the beautiful island.
Jamaica Resorts
Jamaica Resorts and Villas are both wonderful. Which is the right one for you?
Jamaica Restaurants
Jamaica Restaurants, my reviews and recommendations
Site Search
Site Search can help you find a topic or page on the Jamaica Planning Guide website.
Cheap Jamaica Vacations
Cheap Jamaica vacations are in abundance. Use these 10 tips to help find the next great deal.
Links to helpful information about Jamaica, travel in general and throughout the Caribbean.
Jamaica Travel Tips
Jamaica travel tips on making a reservation, packing, safety and more.
Vacation Villas in Jamaica
Vacation villas in Jamaica are like none other. Imagine luxury, privacy, and a full staff, all at an affordable price.
Weather in Jamaica
The weather in Jamaica is beautiful and mild with wonderful Caribbean breezes.
Weddings in Jamaica
Weddings in Jamaica can be a magical experience in a beautiful, romantic, private setting for just the two of you or for a larger group.
What to do in Jamaica
What to do in Jamaica from major tourist attractions to the more remote and far away places.
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